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The Anak Ng Lasang Mountaineers


The group I was climbing with is called Anak Ng Lasang Mountaineers. The group leader’s name is Lenra was frustrated by the information provided from Department of Environment (DENR) and Protected Areas Management Board (PAMB. The el nino effect was the reason that Lenra had to recalculate the climb because of permits etc. Plan A is now canceled and we have now to change our climb to Plan B and C, depending on the availability. Plan B was canceled because the requirements to climb this specific mountain range only gave access to 15 climbers in total for the week. Mt, Kitanglad range is only capable of receiving 15 maximum people in a week total by law. Time commitments discourage the group to climb Plan B. “Plan C.” Is now in effect. 🙂 We had the opportunity to see the 2nd highest waterfalls in the Philippines called Mindamora Bayug Falls. We arrived at the waterfalls and had a very exciting and interesting journey getting there which is a completely different story, however the waterfalls was awesomely spectacular to view on the viewing deck. We’re heading to base camp from here we had three days and two nights appropriate supplies for our climb. We are fully prepaid to assault now on Mt Kalatungan.

Looking up at the mountain seeing fog covering the pinnacle I felt very intimidated and I was having a bad taste of self doubt. I was excited and my adrenaline had kick in and my psyche was in a positive frame of mind to assault the mountain immediately.

The View Deck (Bungalow House)

We traveled from the jump off/base camp to the bungalow in approximately two-half to three hours. There are penalty rates if it takes more than four hours, no dawdling. I found this a very relaxing climb and we set up camp on the top floor bungalow. To my chagrin we discovered that it was really freaking cold up top and we should have put our tent up instead. However I have the opportunity to take some time laps video and I was so very excited with the results. We had an awesome dinner.


DSLR Molita Falls Zoom Photography

This amazing waterfall requires a DSLR camera with a fantastic telephoto lens to get the maximum out of photography of Molita falls. This is one of my ambitions to get a camera so that I can justify taking photos to get outstanding quality photos like this. Right now I have to do the best with my Iphone 8 or possibly hope that someone has DSLR with them on our travels.


Ascending And Descending Kalatungan Range

A pr-requisite for this ascend and descend on Kalatungan range will require physical stamina, plenty of hydration, and sturdy footwear. You will need cold weather gear for both sleeping as well as wearing on this ascend and descend. Such as a winter sleeping bag not summer.


If you’re not physically able to carry your own load you could hire a porter to carry your gear for three days round trip. This will cost approximately 1200 php for the porter. This might be advisable if you’re carrying heavy expensive photography gear.

It’s now time to make sure that you get to sleep early because the following days require early rising and it will cause you mental disintegration. Which can cause you to have some accidents on the trail because of the fatigue.


You will struggle with oxygen deprecation because of the altitude this means you will be deprived with oxygen and you will fatigue faster than normal. I know this for a fact because I was seeing spots before  my ears.


The natural terrain will be difficult because of the rocky, grassland, deep forest. In the deep forest you will freeze your ass off! The fog will keep the sun away as well as the heat. There is no direct sunlight to keep you warm because of fog.


The Grand Finale

At the conclusion of the descend the organizers had a celebration as well as award ceremony for those which participated in this special event. I was called up first to my chagrin and surprised. This culminated in me realizing that I had just achieved one of my personal goals and I was dumbstruck for a few days. For days after this event real life seems bland and dull compared to what I just achieved. I’d to give warning to people about achieving something like this, you can feel down afterwards in your normal daily lives because its so boring.


Happy adventuring and stay on top of the mountain and don’t fall off. 🙂



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